Hebei Xiongxian Hongding Plastic Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a professional factory specializing in producing pvc calendered film, digital printing cloth, advertisement cloth. Situated in the triangular zone of Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding, the company enjoys a superior location and a convenient transportation. Next to the North China pearl---Baiyangdian at the south, the company borders upon the national famous Baigou small commodity fair to the north. There is only a distance of 500 meters to the Tianjin ---Baoding Highway.   Facilitated with 3 width calendaring machine lines and 4various sticking machine lines from home and abroad, and 3 mesh cloth machine lines from Germany, the company is the largest and strongest factory for producing of digital printing cloth, lamp box cloth and transparent colors throughout the whole country. The calendered products include over 100 pvc new products, such as raincoat film, clear film, advertisement film, etc. the advertisement cloth includes various combined products, such as in-door and out-door digital printing cloth, lamp box cloth, sun-shade cloth, transparent colors etc. The sales network extends to the overseas markets. In addition, our company also produces appliance matching products, such as shock absorbing band, heat insulation protection layer, air-conditioner protection band etc. which are assorted with the Samsung Electronics, LG and Changhong for many years. The products have enjoyed a good reputation both at home and abroad.   With above-mentioned aspects, the company's complete facilities, high-tech management system and strong technological power lay a good foundation for cooperation between us. We shall always abide by the principle of "First in Quality Competition, Second I Price Competition". On the basis of mutual benefit and collective development, let's join together and create a more beautiful tomorrow.

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